Provincial Grand Lodge of

The Scottish Borders


The Commission

Right Worshipful Provincial Grand Master

Bro. Andrew E. Forsyth

Immediate Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro. John W. Blackie

Worshipful Depute Provincial Grand Master

Bro. James Thom

After an interest in Freemasonry from a young age, James (AKA Jim) was Inititated in to the

Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1bis in October 2006 and was proudly installed as Master

in 2015 and again in 2016. He has held a number of Offices within Provincial Grand Lodge

and was appointed as Substitute Provincial Grand Master in 2017.

James, who is part of the sales team for a European Drinks Company, lives in Kelso with his wife and two daughters.

His other interests include Motor Sport and Shooting as well as having an active role within the

Kelso Laddies Association, the committee which organises Kelso Civic Week.

Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master

Bro. J. Stewart Clark

Stewart was Initiated in to Lodge St. John Coldstream No. 280 in November 2004  and after overcoming

his "shyness" and was humbled to become Right Worshipful Master 2015/2016 and again 2019/2020.

He has been married to his wife, Jill, for 40 amazing years and has been blessed with three children, James ,Bryce and Isla.

Jill competes in Agility competitions with their two Cocker Spaniels, Treacle and Bramble.

In the summer months he amuses himself with golfing at Goswick and Hirsel golf courses.

After 14 years as Newsagents on Coldstream High Street, the couple have found paradise 

living in  sleepy hollow Lennel Mount . After two knee replacements (Titanium ) in 2013, he has a permanent smile .

Family first and with good health he is a "happy chappie" .

Worshipful Provincial Grand Secretary

Bro. Alistair W. Little

Alistair was Initiated in to The Lodge of Melrose St. John No.1bis on 18 October 1971

and became Master thereof in 1989, 1990 and again in 1991. He was appointed as Provincial Grand Secretary

of The PGL of The Scottish Borders (formerly Roxburgh, Peebles and Selkirk Shires) in 2015.

He was awarded Honorary Grand Rank of Assistant Secretary in 2018.

Alistair was a Chartered Surveyor/Local Government Officer but now being retired

enjoys walking, gardening and golf.

Worshipful Senior Provincial Grand Chaplain

Bro. Michael Laidlaw

Mick was initiated in to the Hawick Lodge No. 111 on 24 April 1985 and was Installed as Master

in December 1993 and again in 1994, he joins the commission with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Mick is in the Building Trade and enjoys SCUBA Diving, Salmon Fishing, Golf as well walking his dogs in his spare time.

Worshipful Junior Provincial Grand Chaplain

Bro. Gary R. W. Duff

Gary was Initiated in to The Galashiels Lodge No. 262 and Affiliated to Lodge St. Luke Lauder No. 132.

He has been an active member of Provincial Grand Lodge and more recently

held the Office of Senior Provincial Grand Deacon.

He is a CPC and First Aid Instructor and is currently in Charge of the Grand Lodge First Aid Team.

Gary is in the process of training to be a Blue Light Driver Trainer.

Past Provincial Grand Masters

Bro. John W. Blackie

Bro. Allan J. Marshall - Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro. George R. J. Donnelly - Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro. James Brown - Past Provincial Grand Master

Bro. James B. Wilson - Past Provincial Grand Master

Elected Office-bearers

Worshipful Provincial Grand Senior Warden

Bro. A. W. Johnstone - No. 1119

Worshipful Provincial Grand Junior Warden

Bro. K. M. Cleland - No. 32

Provincial Grand Treasurer

Bro. V. Lord Denovan - No. 216

Provincial Grand Almoner

Bro. E. A. Lewis - No. 104

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Bro. G. G. Alexander - No. 32

Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies

Bro. D. Drummond - No. 280

Provincial Grand Senior Deacon

Bro. G. R. W. Duff - No. 262

Provincial Grand Junior Deacon

Bro. K. J. Ferguson - No. 424

Provincial Grand Librarian

- - - - -

Provincial Grand Architect

- - - - -

Provincial Grand Jeweller

Bro. K. H. Ross - No.1bis

Provincial Grand Bible-bearer

Bro. R. B. Robertson - No.1bis

Provincial Grand Bard

Bro. W. O. Riddell - No. 216

Provincial Grand Sword-bearer

Bro. D. W. Hall - No. 23

Provincial Grand Director of Music

Bro. J. Howie - No. 856

Provincial Grand Organist

Bro. R. D. Heaney - No. 856

Provincial Grand Marshal

- - - - -

Senior Provincial Grand Standard-bearer

Bro. A. Maitland - No. 58

Junior Provincial Grand Standard-bearer

Bro. T. L. McAulay - No. 104

Provincial Grand Inner Guard

Bro. W. E. Chippendale - No. 104

Provincial Grand Tyler

Bro. T. K. Stewart - No. 216

Provincial Grand President of Stewards

Bro. J. A. Scott - No. 104

Lodge Stewards

The Lodge of Melrose St. John No. 1bis

Bro. B. W. Lawson

Lodge Dunse No. 23

Bro. M. Smyth

Lodge Peebles Kilwinning No. 24

- - - - -

Lodge St. John Selkirk No. 32

Bro. C. R. Macintosh

Lodge Kelso & Tweed No. 58

Bro. J. M. Muirhead PM

Lodge St. Ebbe No. 70

Bro. G. Thorburn PM

Lodge St. John Jedburgh No. 104

Bro. J. A. Scott PM (President of Stewards)

The Hawick Lodge No. 111

Bro. N. H. Taylor PM

Lodge St. Luke Lauder No. 132

- - - - -

Lodge St. John Stow No. 216

Bro. W. A. Black PM

The Galashiels Lodge No. 262

Bro. C. R. Surgey

Lodge St. John Coldstream No. 280

Bro. B. Mason

Lodge St. James BURA No. 424

Bro. A. A. Dickson

Lodge St. Ronan's No. 856

Bro. D. L. Jeffrey PM

Lodge Ercildoune No. 1119

Bro. G. Brown PM

Lodge Whiteadder No. 1245

Bro. D. H. Campbell

The Haughfoot Lodge No. 1824

Bro. K. Stewart